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S.53174-2 Water Pump- Deutz
Water Pump- Deutz/Allis: 5215HST, 5215 Syncho, 5220HST MF: 210, 210-4, (1030->SN02067 2WD), 1035 Hinomoto: E2302, E2304, E2002, E2004
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20351_pic3.jpg Hinomoto Seat
Seat Assembly- Blue Metal/ Black Cusion ( Bracket is 8", 3 Holes/10MM Fits: E16, E18, E23, E25, E28
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76893_pic1.jpg Kubota Hydro Filter
Hydraulic Filter- Fits: B1550, B1550HST, B1700, B1700DT, B1750HST, B21, B2100, B2100DT, B2400, B2400DT, B6100HST, B6200, B6200HST, B7100HST, B7200, B7200HST, B7300HSD, G1700, G1800, G1900, G2000, G3200, G4200, G4200H, G5200H, G6200H, GF1800E Hinomoto-E21, E23, E25 Replaces: 166021-36060
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76883_pic1.jpg Fuel Filter-
Fuel Filter-Fits:Hinomoto: E16, E18, E21, E23, E25 John Deere: 1250, 1350, 1450, 1650 Kubota: G4200, G4200H, G5200H, G6200H, L175, L185, L2050, L225, L235, L2350, L245, L245HC, L2500, L295, L305, L345 Massey Ferguson: 1030L, 1035, 1040, 205, 205-4, 210, 210-4, 220, 220-4
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76783_pic1.jpg Air Filter
Air Filter- Fits: Bolens: G152, G154, G172, G174 Case: 2182, 235, a234 Ford: 1100, 1110, 1120, 1200, 1210, 1215, 1220, 1300, 1310, 1510, 1715, 1720 Hinomoto: E14, E16, E18, E21 Iseki: TU1400, TX2140 John Deere: 650, 655, 750, 755, 756 Kioti: LB1714, LB1914, LB2202, LB2204, LB2214 Kubota: B4200, B4200DT, B5100, B5200, B6000, B6100, B6100HST, B6200, B6200HST, B7100, B7100HST, B7200, B7200HST, B8200, B8200HSD, B8200HSE, B8200HST, B9200, B9200HST, L175, L185, L2050, L225, L235, L2350, L245, L245HC Massey Ferguson: 1010, 1010 Hydro, 1020, 205, 205-4 Mitsubishi: MT20, S370 Beaver, S373 Beaver III, S470 Buck Satoh: MT20, S370 Beaver, S373 Beaver III, S470 Buck White/Oliver: FB16 Yanmar: F14, F14D, F15, F15D, F16, F16D, GT14, YM12, YM126, YM1301, YM135, YM135D, YM14, YM140, YM1401, YM1401D, YM140D, YM142, YM146, YM1510, YM1510D, YM155, YM155D, YM1601, YM1610, YM165, YM165D, YM1702, YM180, YM1802, YM1802D, YM180D, YM1810, YM1810D, YM1820, YM186, YM186D, YM187, YM187D, YM2002, YM226, YM226D, YM330, YM330D Replaces: Hinomoto: 81130-002-00 Iseki: 1427-101-284-00, 1427-101-2840-8 John Deere: CH15451 Kioti: 15222-11224 Kubota: 15221-11220, 15222-11224, 19215-11220, 1921511220, 70000-11221, 7000011221 Massey Ferguson: 3281825M1 White/Oliver: 33-0111104 Yanmar: 171022-12530
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