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k201.jpg Kubota Manual
Kubota Shop-Service Manual for Models: L175, L210, L,225, L225DT, L260, L185, L235, L245, L275, L285, L295, L305, L345, L355, B5100D, B5100E, B6100D, B6100E, B6100HST, B7100D, B7100HST-D, B7100HST-E
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71984_pic3.jpg Kubota Seat L Series
Seat Assembly- Orange Metal/ Black Cusion (Backet- 6", 3 holes/ 10MM) Fits: L2250, L2550, L2650, L2850, L2900, B20, B1550, B1700, B1750, B2100, B2150, B2400, B9200, L2950, L3250, L3300, L3350, L3450, L3600, L3650, L3750, L4150, L4200, L4350, L4850, L5450
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70550_pic1.jpg Kubota Water Pump (L225)
Kubota Water Pump- Fits: L225, L225DT, L345, L345DT Replaces: 15321-73032
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70551_pic1.jpg Kubota Water Pump
Kubota Water Pump- Fits: M5500, M5500DT, M7500, M7500DT, M7500ACL, M6030, M6030DT, M6030N, M7030, M7030DT, M7030SU, M8030, M8030DT, M4950, M4950DT, M5950, M5050DT, M6950, M6950DT, M7580, M7580DT, M9580DT Replaces: 15451-73030
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18730.jpg Kubota Fan Belt
Kabuta Fan Belt- Fits: L200, L210
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70572.jpg Steering Bearing
Steering Bearing- Replaces: Yanmar 194750-15520, Kubota: 34150-16220, Mitsubishi: 1174-2201-130, 67453-00112 Fits: Mitsubuishi: 180, 210, 250, 1401, 1601, MT1601, 1801, D1500, 2000, 2001, D2350, D2650- Kubota: L-150, 175, 185DT, 185F, 225, 225DT, 245DT, 345F, 245H- Case/IH: 235, 235H, 255- Yanmar 1300, 1500, 1700, 2000
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66828.jpg Steering Sector Gear
Steering Sector Gear- 5 Tooth, 15/16">1", 36 Splines Fits: IH 235(S.57499 Steering Gear), Ford 1300, 1500, 1700, Kubota: B8200DP, B8200EP, L235, L2500DT, L2500F; Mitsubishi:180, 210, 250, 1401, 1601, 1801, 2000, 2001 Replaces: Ford: SBA334130041, Kubota: 38180-16120, Mitsubishi: 67453-00111
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Cable.jpg Stop Cable
Universal Stop Cable- Red
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67900_pic1.jpg Kubota Oil Filter
Kabota Oil Filter. Fits: B20, B21, B1700DT, B1700HSD, B1450, B1750HST, B2100 B2150, B2150HST, B2400, B2400DT, B2400HSD, B5100, B5200, B6100, B6100HST, B6200, B6200HST, B7100, B7100HST, B7200, B7200HST, B7300HSD, B8200, B8200HSD, B8200HSE, B8200HST, B9200, B9200HST, G1700
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67900_pic1.jpg Kubota Oil Filter
Kabota Oil Filter. Fits: M6800, M6800DT, M8200, M9000 Replaces: 1C010-32430
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MFsteeringshaft.jpg Kubota Steering Shaft & Nut Assy
Kabota Steering Shaft & Nut Assy. Fits: B4200, B5100, B6000, B6100, B7100 Replaces: 66811-41200 Measures 18.5" please check your old shaft.
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70691_pic1.jpg Kubota Steering Wheel
Steering Wheel- w/Cap (15", Keyway) Fits: L175, L185, L225, L285, L295, L345, L1500, L1800, L2000, L2201, R310, R400, R410 Replaces: 32150-16803
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67857_pic1.jpg Kubota Steering Gear
Steering Gear Assembly Fits: L175, L185, L1500DT, L15001 Replaces: 35240-16100
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71966_pic1.jpg Kubota Hydro Pump
Hydraulic Pump Assembly- Tanged Shaft (4 Bolt fixing pump caan be used to replace 2 bolt fixing pump.) Fits: L1801, L2002, L2050F, L2202, L2350F, L2402, L2500F Replaces: 38180-36100
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71965_pic1.jpg Kubota Hydro Pump- Keyed
Hydraulic Pump Assembly- Keyrd Shaft Fits: L225, L245, 285, L2000, L2201, L3001 Replaces: 34150-36100 , 34150-36101 , 34150-36102 , 35110-76100
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22423_pic2.jpg Kubota Alternator
Kubota Alternator- (12 Volt) Fits: L175, L185, L225, L235, L275, L285, L295, L355, L345, L2050, L2350 Replaces: Kubota 15221-64012, 15321-64010 Nippondenso 28100-11010, 128000-1643
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MFsteeringshaft.jpg Kubota Steering Shaft
Steering Shaft and Nut assy. Fits: B5200, B6200, B7200 Replaces: 67211-41120 This shaft measures 21.5". Be sure and measure your old shaft before ordering.
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71965_pic1.jpg Kubota Hdro Pump
Hydraulic Pump- Splined Shaft Fits: Kubota L235, L275, L2402 Relaces: 38240-76100
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70500_pic3.jpg Kubota Starter
Kubota starter- New Fits: B20, B1550HST, B1750HST, B4200, B5100, B6000, B6100HST, B6200HSTE, B7200DTHST, B8200HST, F2000, F2100E, G1700H, G1800 4WS. Replaces: 15231-63015
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70501_pic2.jpg Kubota Starter
Starter- New Fits: L2250DT, L2550DT, L2850DT, L3450DT, L3450F, L3600DT, L4200DT, L3650DT, L4200FKH-66, KH-91, KH-101, KH-151, KH-191, KH-282, KX-101, KX-151, R-410, R-410B Wheel Loaders Replaces: 155461-63013, 17341-63010
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76893_pic1.jpg Kubota Hydro Filter
Hydraulic Filter- Fits: B1550, B1550HST, B1700, B1700DT, B1750HST, B21, B2100, B2100DT, B2400, B2400DT, B6100HST, B6200, B6200HST, B7100HST, B7200, B7200HST, B7300HSD, G1700, G1800, G1900, G2000, G3200, G4200, G4200H, G5200H, G6200H, GF1800E Hinomoto-E21, E23, E25 Replaces: 166021-36060
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76893_pic1.jpg Kubota Hydra Filter
Kubota Hydraulic Filter- Fits: ubota Fits: B20, B21, L2900, L3300, L35, L3600, L4200, L4350, L48, L4850, L5450, M4700, M4800, M4900, M5400, M570, M6800, M7580, M8200, M8580, M9000, M9580, M105S, M110, M120, N5040, M6040, M7040, M8540, M9540, M108X, M125X, L3300DT-G Replaces: HH330-82630 , 32590-38380 , 33960-82630
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35080-18400.jpg Kubota Seat
Kubota Seat: Fits: Compact tractor BX1830, BX2230, BX23, B1550, B1700, B1750, B2100, B2150, B2400, B2410, B2910, B3030, B5200, B6200, B7200, B7400, B7510, B7610, B7800, B8200, B9200, L2250, L2500, L2550,L2600, L2650,L2850, L3000 L3250, L3300, L3450, L3600, L3650, L4200, L4300, L4350, L5450, B20, L35, Lawn Tractor G2160, G2460G, Tractor MX5000 M4800SU, M49SU
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35820-85010.jpg Kubota Seat M Series
Kubota Seat- This seat does not include slide tracks, must re-use existing ones. Fits: (M4950, N4950-S, M5950, M5950-S, M6950, M6950-S, M7950, M7950-S, M7970, M8950, M8950-S, M8970)->all less cab
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70649_pic1.jpg Kubota Steering Shaft
Steering Shaft and Nut assembly- Keyway (Ballnut 1 12/16" Long X 1 1/2"wide) Shaft is 23.75" Long Fits: Kubota: L1500DT, L1501, L175, L1801, L185DT, L185F, L2000, L2201DT, L2250DT, L225DT, L245DT, L245F Yanmar: 1700, 195, 2000, 240 Replaces: 34150-16200 , 34150-16201, 794130-15500
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22485_pic1.jpg Top Link Bracket- Kubota
Top Link Bracket: Fits: 5100, 5200, 6100, 6200, 7100, 7200, B4200 Replaces:96316-06110, 96316-06110
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22497_pic1.jpg Fuel Cap- Kubota
Fuel Cap- Plastic Tank Fits:B4200, B5100, B6100, B7100 Replaces:Kubota: 66621-54820
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22502_pic1.jpg Radiator- Kubota
Radiator: Fits:Kubota: L1500, L175 Replaces:15221-72061, 15221-72061, 15221-72112
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22502_pic1.jpg Radiator- Kubota 2000
Radiator- New Fits:L2000, L2001, L2200 Replaces: Kubota: 15321-72061, 15321-72061, 15321-72111
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53169_pic1.jpg Voltage Regulator
Volt Reg. Fits Kubota:B5200, B6200, B7200, B8200, B9200 Yanmar: Replaces Kubota:15533-64600 Yanmar:121450-77710, 121522-77790
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67821_pic1.jpg RADIATOR - 15231-72060
Radiator: Kubota Fits: B6000, B6000E Replaces:15231-72060, 15231-72060
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67821_pic1.jpg RADIATOR - 15371-72060
Radiator Fits:Kubota: B6100D, B6100E, B7100D Replaces:Kubota: 15371-72060, 15371-72060
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70585_pic1.jpg Regulator, Replace Nippondenso
Regulator, Replaces Nippondence Fits:Ford: 1100, 1120, 1200, 1210, 1220, 1300 Kubota: <4030, B6200, B7200, B8200, B9200, L185, L2050, L2250, L235, L2350, L245, L2550, L275, L2850, L295, L3250, L3350, L345, L4850, L5450, M4050, M4500, M4950, M5030, M5950, M6030, M6950, M7030, M7500, M7950, M8030, M8950 Replaces: Ford: SBA185516010 Kubota: 33251-74010, 33251-74010
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70654_pic1.jpg Front Wheel 15" L2600
Front Rim:Kubota: L1501DT, L185DT Replaces:Kubota: 30590-11640, 32270-11644, 35180-43730, 37650-43730 Click on picture to get measurements.
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70687_pic1.jpg Tie Rod End L 2wd L2000
Tie Rod End Left 2WD. Fits:Kubota: L175, L185F, L2000, L225 Replaces: Kubota: 34150-12700, 34150-12702, 34150-12703, 38180-12601, 38180-12700, 38180-12700, 38180-12702, 38180-12703
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70687_pic1.jpg Tie Rod End R 2wd L2000
Tie Rod End, Right Hand, 2WD L2000 Fits:Kubota: F2000, F2100E, F2400, L185F, L2000, L225 Replaces: 34150-12600, 34150-12602, 34150-12603, 34150-2600, 38180-12600, 34150-12600, 34150-12602, 34150-12603,
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70681_pic1.jpg Spindle Steering Arm 2w L2000
Steering Arm; Fits Kubota: L2000, L2201, L225, L245 Replaces: 34150-11215
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71902_pic1.jpg Bearing, Steering - Kubota
Steering Bearing- Fits Kubota: L210, L2600, L260P, L285, L285P, L285WP, L295DT, L295F, L345, L345DT Replaces: 32200-16221, 32200-16221
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71931_pic1.jpg Fuel Cap
Fuel Cap- Fits: Kubota: B1200, B1402, B1702, B20, B6000, B6200, B7000, B7200HST, B8200, B9200, Bull Ace XB-1, F2000, F2100, F2400, L1600, L175,L185, L2000, L225, L280 Mitsubishi: D2600FD, MT1401, MT1601, MT1801, MY2201D Satoh: D2600FD, MT1401, MT1601, MT1801, MY2201D Replaces: Kubota: 34150-35222, 34150-35223, 34550-42030, 66591-54400, 67211-54720 Mitsubishi: 67403-10200 Satoh: 67403-10200
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71985_pic1.jpg Front Grill L2000
Front Grill Fits Kubota: L1500, L1501, L175, L1801, L185, L2000, L2201, L225, L245 Replaces Kubota: 34200-18150, 34200-18152, 34350-18150, 34200-18150, 34200-18152
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76883_pic1.jpg Fuel Filter-
Fuel Filter-Fits:Hinomoto: E16, E18, E21, E23, E25 John Deere: 1250, 1350, 1450, 1650 Kubota: G4200, G4200H, G5200H, G6200H, L175, L185, L2050, L225, L235, L2350, L245, L245HC, L2500, L295, L305, L345 Massey Ferguson: 1030L, 1035, 1040, 205, 205-4, 210, 210-4, 220, 220-4
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71939_pic1.jpg Clutch Plate
Clutch Plate 7 1/4" Diameter, 1" 10 Spline hub. Fits: Kubota: L1500, L175, L185, L210 Satoh: Beaver, Buck, Elk, S370D, S372S, S373, S470D Replaces Kubota: 32130-14300, 32130-14302, 32130-14300, 32130-14302 Yanmar: 194440-21400, 194510-21400
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76783_pic1.jpg Air Filter
Air Filter- Fits: Bolens: G152, G154, G172, G174 Case: 2182, 235, a234 Ford: 1100, 1110, 1120, 1200, 1210, 1215, 1220, 1300, 1310, 1510, 1715, 1720 Hinomoto: E14, E16, E18, E21 Iseki: TU1400, TX2140 John Deere: 650, 655, 750, 755, 756 Kioti: LB1714, LB1914, LB2202, LB2204, LB2214 Kubota: B4200, B4200DT, B5100, B5200, B6000, B6100, B6100HST, B6200, B6200HST, B7100, B7100HST, B7200, B7200HST, B8200, B8200HSD, B8200HSE, B8200HST, B9200, B9200HST, L175, L185, L2050, L225, L235, L2350, L245, L245HC Massey Ferguson: 1010, 1010 Hydro, 1020, 205, 205-4 Mitsubishi: MT20, S370 Beaver, S373 Beaver III, S470 Buck Satoh: MT20, S370 Beaver, S373 Beaver III, S470 Buck White/Oliver: FB16 Yanmar: F14, F14D, F15, F15D, F16, F16D, GT14, YM12, YM126, YM1301, YM135, YM135D, YM14, YM140, YM1401, YM1401D, YM140D, YM142, YM146, YM1510, YM1510D, YM155, YM155D, YM1601, YM1610, YM165, YM165D, YM1702, YM180, YM1802, YM1802D, YM180D, YM1810, YM1810D, YM1820, YM186, YM186D, YM187, YM187D, YM2002, YM226, YM226D, YM330, YM330D Replaces: Hinomoto: 81130-002-00 Iseki: 1427-101-284-00, 1427-101-2840-8 John Deere: CH15451 Kioti: 15222-11224 Kubota: 15221-11220, 15222-11224, 19215-11220, 1921511220, 70000-11221, 7000011221 Massey Ferguson: 3281825M1 White/Oliver: 33-0111104 Yanmar: 171022-12530
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3A211-85010(1).jpg Kubota Seat Assembly/ w Suspension
New black vinyl seat assembly. Seat has adjustable vertical suspension (rated up to 300 lbs). Seat has retractable seat belt, arm rests, operator presence switch and adjustable sliding track. Fits Kubota models Fits: Kubota TRACTOR: M4030SU (SN 21202>) Kubota TRACTOR: M4700 (W/ ROPS/Open Station) Kubota TRACTOR: M4900 (W/ ROPS/Open Station) Kubota TRACTOR: M5030 (2WD SN 20253> or 4WD SN 60365>) Kubota TRACTOR: M5400 (W/ ROPS/Open Station) Kubota TRACTOR: M5700 (W/ ROPS/Open Station) Kubota TRACTOR: M6800 (W/ ROPS/Open Station) Kubota TRACTOR: M8200 (W/ ROPS/Open Station) Kubota TRACTOR: M9000 (W/ ROPS/Open Station
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