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mffuelpump5.jpg MF Fuel Pump
Fits: 6-354, 6-354.4, T6-354.4, T6-354.1, 6-372, 6-372.4 Replaces 1446951M91, 2641720, 2641729
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mffuelpump3.jpg MF Fuel Pump w/Glass Bowl-65
Fits MF 65, 165, 285, 1080 & 1085 W/A4-203, AD4-203, 4-318 & 4-154. Replaces 3637388M91, 2641345, 2641A065 Includes Glass Bowl
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MF Fuel Pump-175
Fits: MF 175 & 180 w/4-236, 4-248 & AC 170/175 Replaces 2641388
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mffuelpump2.jpg MF Fuel Pump-No Bowl-35
Fits: MF 35, 135, W/A3-152 & AD3-152 engine NO-Bowl Replaces 3637307M91, 2641311, 2641A063
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mffuelpump1.jpg MF Fuel Pump-w/Gasket
Fits: TEF20, FE35 Standard Diesel 20C, 23C Replaces 826154M91, 1884857M91
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mffueltank2.jpg MF Fuel Tank- 240
Fits: 240, 250, 258, 20D, 20E, 30E, 30H, 40E Replaces 1672762M91
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mffueltank35.jpg MF Fuel Tank- 135
Fits: MF135 Diesel Includes: Fuel Sender, Fuel Guage, Tank & Cap
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Massey Ferguson Fuel Tank w/ Sender Hole
Masssey Ferguson Fuel Tank w/ Sender Hole Fits: TO35, MF35, 135, 202 w/ Continental Z134 Engine Replaces: 189209M91-93
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60425.jpg Single Fuel Filter Aseembly
Single Fuel Filter Assembly. Fits: CAV Type single.
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42413_pic1.jpg MF Fuel Tank
Fuel Tank- Fits TO20, TE20, TO30 Replaces: 181637M91
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76883_pic1.jpg Fuel Filter-
Fuel Filter-Fits:Hinomoto: E16, E18, E21, E23, E25 John Deere: 1250, 1350, 1450, 1650 Kubota: G4200, G4200H, G5200H, G6200H, L175, L185, L2050, L225, L235, L2350, L245, L245HC, L2500, L295, L305, L345 Massey Ferguson: 1030L, 1035, 1040, 205, 205-4, 210, 210-4, 220, 220-4
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40558_pic1.jpg MF Fuel Pump
Fuel Lift Pump- Fits:MF(Perkins Diesel) 100 Series 135, 150 Industrial Series 203, 205, 2135 MF 35, MF 35 UK, MF35, MF50 Replaces: 3637288M91, 885363M91, 890960M91
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